Alessandro Boschi

AlexB is a small single person company.

I'm over 30 years experienced in electronics and audio engineering, I've worked for over 14 years as chief technician in an electronics and telecommunications laboratory in Milan - where they called me "the doctor"... (who?) - that serves many international governmental organizations (ONU, Police Dept., Intelligence Agency, Army, etc...).

Electronics have been my passion since I was a child when at 12 years old I built my first HF transceiver and at 15 my personal computer based on the Z80 processor. Later, I began to program the first electronic control units of car engines, beginning with Renault and subsequently with Honda racing cars. In this way, I have worked for 20 years in Supertouring racing as both driver and ECU programmer for several international racing teams, including the Swiss Mugen-Honda Racing Team and my own private one.

Musically my life has always been touched by music. I began at 3 years old playing with a small toy piano. This lead me to a professional electric organ at the age of 6 and finally to an upright piano at 10.
Equally, my life has been directed by the contest, beginning at the age of 14 at the International Music Award of Stresa with two 1st and one 3th place win in three categories. Afterward, there was the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Café del Mar's 25th Anniversary New Artists Selection, and finally in 2008 in the International "Song of the Year" Contest, where I won "Song of the Year" in the Instrumental/Jazz/World category.

This same passion allowed me to study music at the Conservatory as well as piano, composition and Flamenco, despite opposition of my parents. My ethernal thanks to the family friend M° Aldo Buonocore (Grand Master and director of RAI-TV orchestra) for his great moral support; and to Prof. Rafael Hoces Ortega from Granada (ES).
I have always worked in music, teaching in a small school and as the organist of two parishes, as well as founder member of a Rock band.
Finally, for the last few years I have been able to return to my great passion, the music. I work in my modest Home Studio where I write and arrange all my songs, playing all instruments (including drums and percussion) and mix and produce myself. I also build some of my own outboard gear, including compressors, preamps, DAC converters, equalizers, special effects, consoles and more.
My very 1st (bad) recording "Ojo de Vega" was recorded with only the Korg CR-4 and a few instruments in my living room at home. Later, I moved to a Linux based DAW in my attic home studio and finally, in June 2009, I built my new home studio and starting to develop sampling libraries for Nebula3.

Nowadays I work into my private professional full analog mastering studio and in my electronics laboratory.

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