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Originally designed for broadcast material, the dual 179-400 has been refurbished and modified, then racked into a 1U with custom made high quality power supply. It's a totally unique analog mix/mastering VCA limiter with a character all of its own. It's a versatile and capable addition to any studio looking for that elusive magic touch. As a mastering limiter, the VMLGE allows the gentle shaping of transients giving better overall balance, hitting the digital brickwall limiter in a more detailed and pleasant way, often giving 0.5 to 1.5dB more punch previously unobtainable out of an already well-balanced track. Less work is required from the brickwall limiter giving a cleaner, more open sounding mix with the addition of detail, rather than the
over-compressed destruction of transients and fatiguing boxiness that come from too much gain reduction processed in one stage

This library has special functions like “preset change” which allow you to switch between the programs by retaining the settings. The use requires Nebula Setup.

This program library works in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT Nebula3 1.3.505 or N4-Player