This American Company has rightfully earned its place in the music history books, not to mention the hearts of all kinds of engineers. And this stalwart American console, the AVC, deserves its spot in 2520 Op-Amp's legendary lineage. Here, you get the premium analog circuitry and unmistakable mojo of a straight-from-the-'60s American console. Professionals throughout the world have chosen the sound of the American Visionary Console for his clarity, punch, and complex tone of 212L preamp and 205L line amp circuits, with added features including the Thin<>FAT tone control and Bright switch to boost presence. Its high bandwidth pure audio path, superior dynamics and greater control make the American Visionary Console the first choice for recording and mixing Rock, Pop, Jazz and more.

What’s in the library programs
- ULTIMATE proprietary technology in sampling and programming for superlative audio quality
- 4 sample rates: 44.1 - 48 - 88.2 - 96kHz
- Nebula4 special Skin by JPN, Nebula3 Standard AlexB Skin

- Deep, wide, dynamic with the feeling and character by a real top-class analog console
- Line input and Mic Preamp
- Selectable 24 input channels - stereo coupled
- Line Tone Control: continuous THIN<->FAT and BRIGHT switch
- 7 Group Bus clean and with top quality hardware patched: A5A, N73, MPeQ, T95, MMeQ, A800.
- 3 Mix Bus clean and with top quality hardware patched: A80 Classic, A80 Modern.
- G.Drive control for real saturation experience

This program library works in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT Nebula3 1.3.505 or N4-Player

Note for MAC users:
From Acustica Audio: "After several tests, we have detected that our products do not run correctly in the Rosetta 2 mode and we recommend using always application with a specific build for Silicon computers."
To use ULTIMATE libraries on MAC computer you need to upgrade to Nebula 4.5 (rev. April 2022) also.