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The W295B is a transformer-balanced, fully discrete 3-band eQ in class-A quality. It is the first successor of the earlier W95C which were used in conjunction with the tube preamp modules in the 1950´s desks. The W295A was the first transistorized cassettes in the vintage german broadcast era. The 10kHz Hi-band and the 60Hz Low-band can be cut or boosted by ±15dB. The Mid-band offers six bands to choose from, which can be cut or boosted by a max. of ±8dB. Today it's hard to find and very rare.

The unit has been carefully refurbished and calibrated in the AlexB Laboratory before the sampling process.

This library has special functions like “preset change” which allow you to switch between the programs by retaining the settings. The use requires Nebula Setup.

This program library works in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT Nebula3 1.3.505 or N4-Player