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The SPQ Mastering eQ GE is a powerful and colorful state-of-the-art device for Mastering Engineers around the world. This unique equalizer can be switched between constant Q and proportional Q, which functionally provides ten fully parametric bands.
It is regarded as being one of the highest-quality EQs available and renowned for its incredible detail, precision, and resolution, as well as it’s stunning looks! It’s ideal for both very precise, surgical-style EQ duties, and painting broad strokes of character and tonal color into the audio.

The unit sampled has been refurbished to retain the original sound, and slightly enhanced by replacing the original Panasonic FC electrolytics caps to remove some harshness.

With its musical and toneful sound, the SPQGE has been engineered to deliver recordings at the best conceivable quality onto any format at any sample rate, improving, if needed, the energy and atmosphere of the original performance.

This library has special functions like “preset change” which allow you to switch between the programs by retaining the settings. The use requires Nebula Setup.

This program library works in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT Nebula3 1.3.505 or N4-Player